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 North Kildare Doctors 

Out of Hours Doctor - Kildare

This is not an emergency service.
It is an Out of Hours GP service for the practices listed below.

For emergency services please call the Ambulance Service (999) or Accident & Emergency at your local hospital.



Dr. Moran

Dr. O'Brien

Dr. Walsh




Dr. Cowhey

Dr. Gaffney

Dr. O'Rourke

The North Kildare Doctors Rota (NKDR) Provides a Doctor on Call Service for Residents in
Celbridge & Maynooth.

6 Practices in Maynooth & Celbridge, work together to provide out of hours cover until 8.30pm each weekday evening and at weekends from 9am to 6pm.

We also have a surgery open on Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays. Click Here for details.

 The Doctor On Call this week is:

Tuesday 6th December 7pm to 8.30pm Dr. Moran 01 6272896
Wednesday 7th December 7pm to 8.30pm Dr. Gaffney 01 6291169
Thursday 8th December 7pm to 8.30pm Dr. Walsh

01 6288084

9th December

7pm to 8.30pm Dr. On Duty 01 4539333
Saturday 10th December Call Doc: 4pm to 6pm
Surgery: 4pm to 6pm
Dr. Moran 01 6272896
Sunday 11th December 11am to 1pm
4pm to 6pm
Dr. Moran 01 6272896
Monday 12th December

7pm to 8.30pm

Dr. Moran 01 6272896

Please call the doctor before 8.00pm

From 8.30pm to 9am on weekdays and 6pm to 9am on Saturday & Sunday
the Doctor on Duty Service will assist you on 01 4539333

NOTE: If there is a delay in contacting the doctor on duty in a medical emergency you should go to the hospital by ambulance or car.

When calling the Out of Hours Doctor, please have the following information ready if possible:

Patients Full Name
Contact Telephone Number
Address or Location of Patient
Patient's Own GP/Family Doctor
Patient's Current Medication List, If Any

Below is a list of the doctors who co-operate in this service. Click on the doctors name for contact details and directions to surgery:


Dr. P. Moran

Dr. S. O'Brien

Dr. V. Walsh


Dr. M. Cowhey

Dr. D. Gaffney

Dr. C. O'Rourke

You never know when you might need a Doctor when your own doctor is not available. If this happens, it's comforting to know that your local GP in Celbridge & Maynooth has a Doctor on Call to help you.

Whatever time you require a doctor, in the middle of the night or at weekends,  the Doctor on Call is available to assist you.

Add this website to your favourites so that you have it handy if you need it. Check back often for updated information.